Prayer to Saint Nicholas

Oh, kind Father Nicholas, the pastor and the teacher of those who run with faith to your help and with hot pray call your name, strives rather to help them. Save Christ’s flock of wolves that are kidnapping it, protect and keep all Christian parts in your holy prayers against worldly quarrels, earthquakes, against other people’s conquest, slavery and war at meaningless, famine, flood, sword, sickness and speedy death. And as you obtained mercy for the three men who were in prison and you saved them from the wrath of the king and the cutting sword, so have mercy on us who are in fully dark sins with mind, word and work, and save us from the wrath of God and eternal torment, so that, through your action, supported with mercy and grace of Christ, God give us smooth life, without sin, and we live in this world, saving us at the left hand side and, together with all the saints, let us worthy at the right hand side. Amen!

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Selari